CES 2023 and automobile tech: Setting apart the hype from actuality

Las Vegas is legendary for broadcasting the sound of satisfied gamblers thru on line casino audio system, suggesting that there’s a birthday celebration of fun-loving other folks simply across the nook. However there’s one thing other within the air at CES, the large shopper generation tournament that takes position each and every January in Las Vegas: hype. And the problem somebody faces in keeping apart the hope from the onerous fact – is that numerous these things isn’t actual. 

Nowhere is that this extra obvious than the independent automotive marketplace, which threw itself at Las Vegas like a down-on-his-luck crapshooter, blowing at the cube within the hopes that one thing, anything else, will hit. Self-driving automobiles are at all times only a 12 months or two away, and feature been for the decade. The truth? They are going to by no means get right here. 

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